Guitar Music Recordings and Sheet Music

The guitar is arguably one of the most popular family of instruments. It is a medium-sized string instrument, usually with 6 strings tuned E4, B3, G3, D2, A2, E2. Guitars are traditionally made of wood, with strings that may be of nylon, gut, or steel. These can be played with fingerpicking technique, plectrum, or a combination of both. Guitars project sound either acoustically or through amplification devices. These set of characteristics (size, tuning, material, strings, technique, and sound production) define the different types of guitars: the most common classifications are 'classical', 'acoustic', and 'electric'. Modern guitars were preceded by the Renaissance guitars, vihuelas, and Baroque guitars. Nowadays, the guitar is a primary instrument in nearly all the popular genres. In classical music the guitar never enjoyed the popularity of the piano or the violin, though it was an affordable instrument and it featured prominently in chamber music. Many composers explored its capabilities as a solo instrument, especially it reached its modern form, at the turn of the 20th century.

标题 作曲者 形式 时期 打分
3 Italian Airs With Variations, Op.9 Matteo Carcassi Aria / Arietta Classical
Air Louis Sauter Aria / Arietta 20th Century
Air Varie, Op.21 Giulio Regondi Aria / Arietta Romantic
Air Varie, Op.22 Giulio Regondi Aria / Arietta Romantic
Choix d'Airs, Op.5 Matteo Carcassi Aria / Arietta Classical
Suite N 1 Sylvius Leopold Weiss Aria / Arietta Baroque
20 Petites bagatelles agréables Philipp Ernst Bagatelle Romantic
Mes Ennuis, Op.43 Fernando Sor Bagatelle Classical
Ballade Circassienne Alfred Cottin Ballade Romantic
Ballade, Op.19 Jacques Bosch Ballade Romantic
Barcarolle Alfred Cottin Barcarolle Early 20th Century
Julia Florida (Barcarolle) Agustin Barrios Mangore Barcarolle Early 20th Century
Venecia, Op. 7 Julio Salvador Sagreras Barcarolle Early 20th Century
24 Progressive Lessons For Beginners, Op.31 Fernando Sor Books Classical
Anweisung die Guitarre zu spielen und zu stimmen Johann Heinrich Carl Bornhardt Books Classical
École de guitare, Op.241 Ferdinando Carulli Books Classical
Escuela de guitarra Dionisio Aguado y García Books Romantic
Guitarre-Album Hans Bicherl Books Romantic
Instrucción de Música Gaspar Sanz Books Baroque
Introduction à l'étude de la guitare, Op.60 Fernando Sor Books Classical
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作曲家精选 Johann Sebastian Bach · Anonymous · Maria Girbiat · Niccolò Paganini · Chiquinha Gonzaga · Agustin Barrios Mangore · Giulio Regondi · Francisco Tárrega · Francesco Molino · Mauro Giuliani · Anton Diabelli · Fernando Sor · Sylvius Leopold Weiss · John Sturt · Heitor Villa-Lobos · Ferdinando Carulli · John Dowland · Zequinha Abreu · Manuel de Falla · Matteo Carcassi · Julio Salvador Sagreras · Dionisio Aguado y García · Johann Kaspar Mertz · Antonio Cano · Ernesto Nazareth · Antonio Soler · Gaspar Sanz · Pedro Miguel Abreu · Albert Roussel · Pedro Abril Tirado · Miguel Llobet · Christian Gottlieb Scheidler · Francesco Geminiani · Napoleón Coste · Leonhard von Call · Zhanna Aleshina · Louis Sauter · Richard Kram · José Ferrer · François Campion · Julián Arcas · John Bull · Gustavo Carulli · Albert Heinrich · Gabriel Malancioiu · Juan Alais · Luys de Narváez · Adrian Le Roy · Robert de Visée · José Broca
Periods 20th Century · 21st Century · Baroque · Classical · Early 20th Century · Late 19th century · Renaissance · Romantic
Forms Aria / Arietta · Bagatelle · Ballade · Barcarolle · Books · Canzona · Caprice · Compilation · Dance · Duet · Etude · Fantasy · Fugue · Funeral Music · Galliard · Galop · Gavotte · Impromptu · Madrigal · March · Mazurka · Medley · Minuet · Nocturne · Overture · Partita · Piece · Polka · Polonaise · Potpourri · Prelude · Romance · Rondo · Sacred Mass · Saraband · Scherzo · Serenade / Divertimento / Cassation · Sonata · Sonatina · Song Cycle · Suite · Tango · Theme and Variations · Transcription · Waltz