Prelude Music Recordings and Sheet Music

Preludes are short musical pieces with a non defined structure. They were originally conceived as introductory pieces, either to another more complex piece, to a suite of movements, or to a large scale work. The early preludes, usually written for keyboard, were highly improvisatory in nature. The prelude eventually evolved into a standalone concert piece, and Johann Sebastian Bach wrote the first collections of preludes organized by key. Many composers in subsequent years would emulate that idea.

标题 作曲者 乐器 时期 打分
2 Choral-Phantasien für Orgel, Op.40 Max Reger Organ Romantic
2 Efterladte Praeludier, FS 137 Carl Nielsen Organ Early 20th Century
2 Hymn-Tune Preludes Ralph Vaughan Williams Orchestra Early 20th Century
2 Organ Preludes Ralph Vaughan Williams Organ Early 20th Century
2 Pieces, Op.2 Sergei Rachmaninoff Solo Instrument and Piano Romantic
2 Préludes Louis Combes Piano Early 20th Century
2 Preludes et Mazurka sur des themes polonaise, Op.42 Anatoly Lyadov Piano Romantic
2 Preludes in B-flat major Louis James Alfred Lefébure-Wély Organ Romantic
2 Preludes, Op.3 Sergey Yevseyev Piano Early 20th Century
2 Preludes, Op.8 Konstantin Antipov Piano Romantic
2 Preludes, Op.19 Jāzeps Vītols Piano Romantic
2 Preludes, Op.26 Abraham Tena Manrique Piano 21st Century
2 Preludes, Op.27 Alexander Scriabin Piano Late 19th century
2 Preludes, Op.27 Abraham Tena Manrique Piano 21st Century
2 Preludes, Op.39 Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Classical
2 Preludes, Op.57 Semyon Panchenko Piano Romantic
2 Preludes, Op.67 Alexander Scriabin Piano Early 20th Century
2 Preludes, Op.85 Aleksandr Glazunov Orchestra Romantic
2 Preludios, Op.11 Abraham Tena Manrique Piano Romantic
3 Choral-Phantasien für Orgel, Op.52 Max Reger Organ Romantic