Johann Ludwig Krebs

Johann Ludwig Krebs 活页乐谱

  • 出生日期: 12th 十月 1713
  • 卒于: 1st 一月 1780
  • 出生地: Buttelstedt, Germany

Johann Ludwig Krebs was a Baroque musician and composer primarily for the pipe organ. Krebs was privileged enough to be taught by Johann Sebastian Bach on the organ. Bach (who had also instructed J. Ludwig's father) held Krebs in high standing. From a technical standpoint, Krebs was unrivaled next to Bach in his organ proficiency. However, it was quite difficult for Krebs to obtain a patron or a post at any cathedral. This can be attributed to the fact that by this time the Baroque tradition was being left behind in favor of the new galant music style. This point in time also marked the transition to the classical music era, with composers such as Bach's son, C.P.E. Bach.