George Frederick Bristow

George Frederick Bristow Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • 出生
    19th 十二月 1825
  • 死了
    13th 十二月 1898
  • 出生地
    Brooklyn, New York, USA

George Frederick Bristow was an American composer. He advocated American classical music, rather than favoring European pieces. He was famously involved in a related controversy involving William Henry Fry and the New York Philharmonic Society. Bristow's compositional output is divided in three periods: his early years, during which most of the compositions are instrumental; the middle period beginning in 1852, during which he wrote more than forty works, several of them lengthy and imposing; and the late period, beginning in 1879 with Bristow's resignation from the New York Philharmonic. Of the 135 compositions listed in Rogers’ dissertation on Bristow's music, one-third are choral or vocal. Seven of his choral works are choral/orchestral pieces, and twenty-seven compositions are smaller pieces, most of which were composed for church choirs that he led. Both the short sacred works and the large choral/orchestral compositions are evenly divided between the middle and late periods.

标题 形式 乐器 打分
Keep Step with the Music of Union Anthem Choir and Orchestra
I Will Arise, Op.23 Chorale Choir
Tripler Schottisch Dance Piano
Columbia Grand March March Piano
La belle Amerique, Op.4 Nocturne Piano
Rip Van Winkle, Op.22 Opera / Operetta Voice(s) and Orchestra
Morning Service in B-flat major, Op.51 Sacred Mass Choir and Instrument
Morning Service in C major, Op.54 Sacred Mass Choir and Instrument
Morning Service in F major, Op.58 Sacred Mass Choir and Instrument
Hark, Through the Air Song Cycle Voice(s) and Piano
I Would I Were a Favorite Flower Song Cycle Voice(s) and Piano
The Irish Brigade Song Cycle Voice(s) and Piano
Dandy Jim from Caroline with Variations Theme and Variations Piano
Rory O'Moore Theme and Variations Piano
Grand Waltz de Bravura, Op.6 Waltz Piano
Isle of Sheppy Waltzes Waltz Piano
Souvenir de Mount Vernon, Op.29 Waltz Piano