Christian Cannabich

Christian Cannabich Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • 出生
    12th 十二月 1731
  • 死了
    20th 一月 1798
  • 出生地
    Mannheim, Germany

ohann Christian Innocenz Bonaventura Cannabich was a German violinist, composer, and Kapellmeister of the Classical era. A composer of some 200 works, he continued the legacy ofJohann Stamitz and helped turn the Mannheim orchestra into what Charles Burney described as "the most complete and best disciplined in Europe.". The orchestra was particularly noted for the carefully graduated crescendos and diminuendos characteristic of the Mannheim school. Together with Stamitz and the other composers of the Mannheim court, he helped develop the orchestral texture that paved the way for the orchestral treatment of the First Viennese School.

标题 形式 乐器 打分
Flute Concerto in D major Concerto Solo Instrument(s) and Orchestra
Violin Concerto in B-flat major Concerto Solo Instrument(s) and Orchestra