Sébastien Demar

Born: 29th 六月 1763

Died: 25th 七月 1832

Birthplace: Bad Kissingen, north of Wuerzburg, Lower Franconia (Germany)

Sébastien Demar was a pianist, composer, conductor, music teacher and organist. Born into a family of musicians, he was first formed Strasbourg Cathedral by the choirmaster and composer Franz Xaver Richter, representative of the "Mannheim School". Then he became organist at Wissembourg in Alsace. He also traveled to Vienna (Austria) to improve in the field of composition, with Joseph Haydn. Arriving in Paris in 1788, he moved to Orléans in 1789, shortly before the Revolution. Demar did much for music in the city, where he first directed the music of the 88th Regiment (it was up to 23 December 1791) 5, and the National Guard. In 1799 he was appointed by the municipality to play the organ.

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