Bartholomew Brown

Born: 8th 九月 1772

Died: 14th 四月 1854

Birthplace: Sterling, New England

Bartholomew Brown was born in Sterling, Sept. 8, 1772; early moved to E. Bridgewater; graduated at Harvard University, 1799; died in Boston, April 14th, 1854. The tune, "Tilden," one of the most popular of his compositions, was written in memory of a classmate and loved friend by the name of Tilden, who died at college in the year 1800. Many others of his sacred compositions, and several of his secular pieces, will be long remembered. He wrote the calendar pages of Robert B. Thomas' Almanac for many years. He was a lawyer by profession, and poet as well as musician. Could write a song, words and music, then sing it-—a genial, popular man. In connection with A. Albee and H. Mann, he compiled the "Columbian Sacred Harmony,," in 1808.

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