Vicente Costa Nogueras

Vicente Costa Nogueras Ноти

  • Дата народження: 1852
  • Дата смерті: 1919
  • Місце народження: Alcoy, Spain

Vicent Costa i Nogueras was a pianist and composer. He lived in Tossa de Mar from the age of five, where he began his musical studies. In 1862 he went to Barcelona, where he studied piano and composition with Joan Baptista Pujol J. and G. Sariols Balart. Then he went to Paris, London and Stuttgart, where he received lessons from Hans von Bülow, GJ Pfeiffer and possibly Franz Liszt. Back in Spain, he offered some concerts in Madrid and Barcelona, for the Universal Exposition of 1888. He was professor of piano at the Liceu Conservatory and the School of Music of Barcelona. Along with the Pitxot brothers, he formed the "Trio Catalan," which performed in Girona towards 1909. He wrote some pedagogical works for piano, such as the Treaty of the complete study of the piano (1910) and Estudios caracteristcos. Among his compositions, the most important are: the opera Ines de Castro, premiered at the Lyceum in 1905, grocer's operettas (sarsuelas) like The Register, a Spanish symphonic suite for orchestra, a large number of works for voice and piano and an extensive repertoire for piano. As a composer he has written a considerable number of works, ranging from scenical music to a large number of pieces for solo piano.

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