Gaetano Ferdinando Foschini

Gaetano Ferdinando Foschini Ноти

  • Дата народження: 25th Серпень 1836
  • Дата смерті: 12th Березень 1908
  • Місце народження: Polesella, Italy

Gaetano Ferdinando Foschini was an Italian musician, composer and conductor. Inherited his father, who was organist and composer of sacred music, his passion for music in 1850 and at only fourteen, he was appointed organist at the cathedral of Cologna Veneta, to devote himself to conducting later. In 1855 he moved to Milan and from there travel to a variety of places, even abroad. Was later appointed director of the music school of Asti and director of the opera season at the Teatro Alfieri in the period 1875-1889. Also directed, from 1889 to 1900, the town band and was also a teacher of complementary harmony at Liceo Musicale of Turin. In January 1899 he won a competition organized by the Paris magazine La Tribune St. Gervaise for creating the music of the Four offertories Advent of solo voices. He composed many works in Italy and abroad, dances goliardic, symphonies, sacred music, music for piano. He also wrote numerous scientific articles in various magazines and music-Italian and foreign newspapers.

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