Friedrich Ferdinand Flemming

Friedrich Ferdinand Flemming Ноти

  • Дата народження: 28th Лютий 1778
  • Дата смерті: 27th Травень 1813
  • Місце народження: Neuhausen/Erzgeb, Germany

Friedrich Ferdinand Flemming was a German ophthalmologist, composer and singer. Friedrich Ferdinand Flemming studied medicine. In the years 1803-1813 he worked as a practical eye doctor in Berlin and a lecturer at the University of Berlin. He was a member of the Medicinisch-surgical society founded in 1810 , which was, in 1813, renamed Hufelandische society. He also had passion for music and studied singing with Carl Friedrich Zelter. He joined the Sing-Akademie zu Berlin and was a founding member of Zelter's Choral Society.

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