Premrl Slovenian National Anthem

The current national anthem of Slovenia consists of a part of the Zdravljica poem, written by the 19th century Slovene poet France Prešeren, and the music written by the Slovene composer Stanko Premrl in 1905. Emphasising internationalism, it was defined in 1994 as the anthem with the Act on the national symbols of Slovenia. However, even before the breakup of Yugoslavia, the lyrics and music were together adopted as the anthem by the Socialist Republic of Slovenia on 27 September 1989. Therefore, it was the anthem of the Socialist Republic of Slovenia, the Republic of Slovenia as a constituent republic of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia from 8 March 1990 to 25 June 1991, as well. As a work of arts, published in the official journal Official Gazette, the text and melody of the seventh stanza of Zdravljica qualify as an official work and are per Article 9 of the Slovene Copyright and Related Rights Act not protected by the copyrights. Their usage is regulated by the Act Regulating the Coat-of-Arms, Flag and Anthem of the Republic of Slovenia and the Flag of the Slovene Nation, published in the Official Gazette in 1994. The official melody is written in B-flat major.
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Slovenian National Anthem



Ще немає запитань.