Madrigal Sheet Music

The madrigal is a form of secular vocal music, that arose in Italy during the early 16th century. It differed from most of the strophic musical forms of the time in that it was fully written out, with the composer attempting to convey the emotions contained in each line of poem though the use of musical resources. Madrigals are traditionally written for three to eight voices, and initially they were without accompaniment. Claudio Monteverdi wrote nine books of madrigals which not only define the form, but also experiment with it: he wrote madrigals with solo parts for voice, accompanied by continuo, including recitative passages and foreshadowing the eventual absorption of the solo madrigal into the aria. During the early 1600's, the madrigal ceased to be a purely a capella composition. Composers included instrumental lines, continuo accompaniment, and a progressive exaltation of the importance of the soprano and bass lines, which was in line with the rise of functional tonality.

Title Composer Instrument Period
3 Madrigals Giovanni Palestrina Choir Renaissance
3 Madrigals Herbert Straus Gardner String Orchestra 21st Century
3 Madrigals, H.313 Bohuslav Martinů Chamber group 20th Century
4 Madrigali Achille Falcone Choir Renaissance
6 Madrigali Giovanni Carlo Maria Clari Voice(s) and Instruments Baroque
12 Madrigali a due voci Antonio Lotti Voice(s) and Piano Baroque
12 Madrigals Jacob Arcadelt Choir Renaissance
13 Madrigals Antonio Caldara Voice(s) and Instruments Baroque
A la dolce ombra de le belle frondi Cipriano de Rore Solo voice(s) Renaissance
Accingeteui Amanti Orazio Vecchi Voice(s) and Instruments Renaissance
Ach Herr, du Schöpfer aller Ding, SWV 450 Heinrich Schütz Voice(s) and Instruments Baroque
Adieu, Sweet Love, Adieu Thomas Bateson Choir Renaissance
Ah, Cannot Sighes, nor Teares John Wilbye Solo voice(s) Renaissance
Ah dolente partita, SV 75 Claudio Monteverdi Choir Baroque
Ah Me! My Mistress Scorns My Love Thomas Bateson Choir Renaissance
Ahi che quest' occhi miei Giovanni Palestrina Open Instrumentation Renaissance
Ahi come a un vago sol cortese giro, SV 101 Claudio Monteverdi Choir Baroque
Ahi tormentosi abissi Orazio Vecchi Choir Renaissance
Al bel de tuoi capelli Orazio Vecchi Choir Renaissance
Alas, What a Wretched Life is This John Wilbye Solo voice(s) Renaissance