Canon Sheet Music

In music, the term 'canon' refers both to a contrapuntal compositional technique and a musical form derived from it. The canon as a device consists of presenting a leader melody, followed by an imitation played in other voice or voices. There can be several types of canon depending on the form of imitation (it can be an exact replication or be transformed in terms of intervals, rhythm, etc). Canons in which all the voices are identical are usually called 'rounds': each voice can start again after finishing, thus making the piece infinite.

Title Composer Instrument Period
8 Two-part Canons Maternus Beringer Beringer Solo voice(s) Renaissance
Biciniorum Seth Calvisius Voice(s) and Instruments Renaissance
Canon for 2 Tenor Instruments Josquin Des prez Open Instrumentation Renaissance
Canon in F major Josquin Des prez Open Instrumentation Renaissance
Canon omnis consummationis Adrianus Petit Coclico Solo voice(s) Renaissance
Carmen super O vos omnes Adrianus Petit Coclico Choir Renaissance
Célébrons sans cesse Orlande de Lassus Solo voice(s) Renaissance
En l'ombre d'ung buissonnet tout au loing Josquin Des prez Open Instrumentation Renaissance
Qui habitat in adjutorio altissimi à 24 Josquin Des prez Solo voice(s) Renaissance