William Walker

William Walker Sheet Music

  • Born
    6th May 1809
  • Died
    24th September 1875
  • Birthplace

William Walker was an American Baptist song leader, shape note "singing master", and compiler of four shape note tunebooks, most notable of which was The Southern Harmony. Walker was born in Martin's Mills (near Cross Keys), South Carolina, and grew up near Spartanburg. To distinguish him from other William Walkers in Spartanburg, he was nicknamed Singing Billy. He married Amy Golightly, whose sister Thurza married Benjamin Franklin White, publisher of The Sacred Harp, and died in Spartanburg in 1875. Walker is buried in Magnolia Cemetery, Spartanburg, Spartanburg County, South Carolina.

Title Form Instrument
Fruits and Flowers Sacred Mass Solo voice(s)
The Christian Harmony Sacred Mass Choir
The Southern and Western Pocket Harmonist Sacred Mass Solo voice(s)
The Southern Harmony Sacred Mass Solo voice(s)
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Instruments Choir · Solo voice(s)
Forms Sacred Mass