Théodore Botrel

Théodore Botrel Sheet Music

  • Born
    14th September 1868
  • Died
    28th July 1925
  • Birthplace
    Dinan, France

Jean-Baptiste-Théodore-Marie Botrel was a French singer-songwriter, poet and playwright. He is best known for his popular songs about his native Brittany, of which the most famous is La Paimpolaise. During World War I he became France's official "Bard of the Armies".

Title Form Instrument
Chansons de de Jacques-la-Terre Song Cycle Solo voice(s)
Chansons de not' pays Song Cycle Voice(s) and Piano
Chansons en Sabots Song Cycle Solo voice(s)
Les Chansons des Petits Bretons Song Cycle Voice(s) and Piano
Les Petits Sabots Song Cycle Voice(s) and Piano