Rosy Wertheim

Rosy Wertheim Sheet Music

  • Born
    12th February 1888
  • Died
    27th May 1949
  • Birthplace
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Rosy Wertheim was a Dutch pianist, music educator and composer. Rosalie Marie Wertheim was born in Amsterdam to parents John and Adriana Rosa Gustaaf Wertheim Enthoven. Her father was a banker and Rosalie attended a French boarding school in Neuilly where she took piano lessons. She studied piano with Ulfert Schults and harmony and counterpoint with Bernard Zweers and Sem Dresden. In 1921 she took the state exam in piano and graduated from the Nederlandse Toonkunstenaars Vereniging.

Title Form Instrument
Violin Sonata Sonata Solo Instrument and Piano