Robert G. Patterson Sheet Music

  • Born
    29th April 1970
  • Died
  • Birthplace
    Buffalo, New York, USA

Robert Paterson is an American composer, percussionist and conductor. As well as being a composer, Paterson is also a percussionist and has "been instrumental in the commissioning of six-mallet works for solo marimba" and has to date, written fourteen works using a six-mallet technique (extended technique) he developed. Paterson is founder and artistic director of the American Modern Ensemble and lives in New York, New York with his wife Victoria Paterson, a violinist and their son Dylan.

Title Form Instrument
A Vision Chorale Choir
Helas Chorale Choir and Instrument
Chorale Prelude Chorale Prelude Organ
5 Medieval Dances Dance Chamber group
Valediction Octet Wind Ensemble
New World Landscapes Piano piece Chamber group
The Cat Menagerie Piano piece Voice(s) and Instruments
4 Pieces for Natural Horn Piece Horn
Dixon Impressions Piece Violin
Pastorale Piece Horn
Stomp Igor Piece Wind Ensemble
Traffic at Tom Lee Park Piece Wind Ensemble
Oceanic Prelude Prelude Chamber group
Bassoon Quartet Quartet Wind Ensemble
Currents Quartet Chamber group
Quartet for Natural Horn and Strings Quartet Chamber group
Quartet for Piano and Winds Quartet Chamber group
Vignettes Quartet Chamber group
Bassoon in the Box Quintet Chamber group
Prisms Quintet Wind Ensemble