Pierre-Francisque Caroubel

Pierre-Francisque Caroubel Sheet Music

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    Cremona, Italy

Pierre-Francisque Caroubel was a French violinist and composer. Caroubel was born in Cremona. He lived in Paris from 1576 and collaborated with Michael Praetorius at the court of the Duke of Brunswick at Wolfenbüttel. He is known for his dance music, bransles and galliards, some of which were published after his death in the anthology Secret des muses (Amsterdam, 1615). Some of the music arranged by Praetorius in Terpsichore Musarum (1612) was also by Caroubel. He composed "Le Branle De Montirande". He died in Paris.

Title Form Instrument
Bransle de Montirande Chorale Choir
Bransles & Le Gavottes Gavotte Open Instrumentation