Philipp Wolfrum Sheet Music

  • Born
    17th December 1854
  • Died
    8th May 1919
  • Birthplace

Philipp Julius Wolfrum was a German composer and organist. Philipp Wolfrum was one of the sons of the cantor and teacher Johann Heinrich Wolfrum. From a young age he learned to play the organ and represented his father. He went through the royal teacher seminar in Altdorf aiming to be a teacher and organist.

Title Form Instrument
2 Gesänge, Op.11 Song Choir and Instrument
6 Lieder von Goethe, Op.16 Song Voice(s) and Piano
Ein Weihnachtsmysterium, Op.31 Oratorio Choir and Orchestra
Lieder und Gesänge, Op.18 Song Voice(s) and Piano
Organ Sonata No.2, Op.10 Sonata Organ
Organ Sonata No.3, Op.14 Sonata Organ
Piano Quintet, Op.21 Quintet Chamber group
Piano Trio, Op.24 Trio Chamber group
Präludium 'Lasset uns den Herren preisen' Prelude Organ
String Quartet, Op.13 'Im Frühjahr' Quartet String Quartet