Mark Alburger

Mark Alburger Sheet Music

  • Born
    2nd April 1957
  • Died
  • Birthplace
    Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, USA

Mark Alburger is a San Francisco Bay Area composer and conductor. He is the founder and music director of the San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra, as well as the music director of Goat Hall Productions / San Francisco Cabaret Opera. Alburger is also the editor-publisher of 21st-Century Music Journal, which he founded in 1994 as 20th-Century Music.

Title Form Instrument
Ecclesiastes, or The Preacher, Op.3 Cantata Voice(s) and Orchestra
San Timoteo Canyontata, Op.33 Cantata Choir and Orchestra
Poems on Crane, Op.4 Chorale Choir
Yellow River Concerto II, Op.18 Concerto Chamber group
Crystal Series, Op.32 Duet Solo Instrument and Piano
Portraits of Three Players, Op.11 Duet Voice(s) and Piano
Aerial Requiem, Op. 27 Funeral Music Voice(s) and Orchestra
Interrupted Interludes, Op.7 Intermezzi Piano
Academic Endeavors, Op.19 Melodrama Voice(s) and Piano
Nocturnes for Insomniacs, Op.10 Nocturne Solo Instrument and Piano
Book 'Prehistoric Atlas', Op.15 Piano piece Piano
Embedded Inventions, Op.20 Piano piece Piano
Stolen Students, Op.25 Piano piece Piano
Seasons' Eves, Op.14 Piece Chamber group
3 Places in America, Op.13 Quartet Chamber group
Two and a Half Pieces, Op.17 Quartet Chamber group
4 Processions, Op.12 Quintet Chamber group
Some Stuff, Op.16 Quintet Chamber group
Missa 'The a Deux', Op.21 Sacred Mass Choir and Orchestra
Psalm 6, Op.1 Sacred Mass Oboe