Lorenzo Allegri Sheet Music

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Lorenzo Allegri (1567 – 1648) was an Italian composer, who worked at the Medici court, in Florence. He was mainly known as a lutenist, and for lute he wrote dances, sometimes with vocal parts. He was sometimes referred to as Lorenzino Todesco so it may be assumed he was of German origin.

Title Form Instrument
Quarto Ballo detto i Campi Elisii Quintet Chamber group
Quinto Ballo detto lo Ninfe di Senna Quintet Chamber group
Ottavo Ballo detto L'Iride Sextet Chamber group
Primo Ballo della Notte d'Amore Sextet Chamber group
Secondo Ballo detta la Serena Sextet Open Instrumentation
Settimo Ballo Sextet Chamber group
Sexto Ballo Sextet Chamber group
Terzo Ballo detto Alta Maria Sextet Chamber group