Konrad Ludwig Dietrich Zinkeisen Sheet Music

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    Hanovar, Germany

Konrad Ludwig Dietrich Zinkeisen was a violinist, music-director and composer; born in Hanover in 1779. He received his musical education from his father, and Rode at Wolfenbüttel. He was an oboist in the military band at Luneburg; concertmaster at the Academy at Gottingen, and later chamber musician in the Brunswick Court Orchestra. His compositions are varied and numerous; including concertos for oboe, clarinet, bassethorn and for the bassoon; variations for horns and orchestra, for violin and flute: military music, and partsongs for mixed and male chorus.

Title Form Instrument
26 Petits Duos Duet Chamber group
Adagio et Polonaise Polonaise Chamber group
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Instruments Chamber group
Forms Duet · Polonaise