Karl Michael Ziehrer

Karl Michael Ziehrer Sheet Music

  • Born
    2nd May 1843
  • Died
    14th November 1922
  • Birthplace
    Vienna, Austria

Karl Michael Ziehrer (also spelled as Carl Michael Ziehrer) was an Austriancomposer. In his lifetime, he was one of the fiercest rivals of the Strauss family; most notably Johann Strauss II and Eduard Strauss. Throughout the period between 1885 and 1893, Ziehrer toured extensively and was a military bandmaster, having achieved the distinction of "Übernahme der Militärmusik der Hoch",[3] as well as the "Deutschmeister" decoration. His fame was such that he was invited to perform at the World Exhibition in Chicago in 1893.[3][5]After that, in a flurry of events, he toured 41 German cities and finally returned to Vienna, where he formed an even larger and successful orchestra that specialized in playing dance music. At this point, his works began to gain a wider circulation among the music-loving Viennese, and works such as Weaner Mad'ln op. 388, as well as the more famous Wiener Bürger op. 419, were received with greater appreciation, the latter even temporarily triumphing over Strauss compositions when first published in 1890.

Title Form Instrument
Die Landstreicher Opera / Operetta Voice(s) and Orchestra
Blumen-Polka française, Op.316 Polka Piano
Bruder Liederlich, Op.107 Polka Solo Instrument and Piano
Die Jägerin, Op.2 Polka Piano
Heimliche Liebe, Op.109 Polka Piano
Toilette-Polka, Op.62 Polka Piano
Musikantenlaune, Op.163 Quadrille Piano
Der Liebeswalzer Transcription Piano
Die drei Wünsche Transcription Piano
Huldigungen, Op.157 Waltz Orchestra
Stunden des Glückes, Op.105 Waltz Piano
Wiener Luft, Op.278 Waltz Piano