Johann Georg Ebeling Sheet Music

  • Born
    8th July 1637
  • Died
    4th December 1676
  • Birthplace
    Lüneburg, Germany

Johann Georg Ebeling was a German composer. Along side Johann Cruger, was the main composer of music for the songs of Paul Gerhardt. He was the successor as cantor of the St. Nicholas Church in Berlin, where Paul Gerhardt at that time was minister. He also served as director of music at the College of St. Nicholas (Schulkollege am grauen Kloster). From 1868 Ebeling was professor of music at the College of St. Charles (Caroline-Gymnasium) in Stettin, where he died in 1676, the year of Paul Gerhardt’s death. Ebeling worked with hymnist and poet Paul Gerhardt, and wrote music for over 100 of Gerhardt’s works. Ebeling also wrote about music history.

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Instruments Choir
Forms Chorale