Hans Leo Hassler

Hans Leo Hassler Sheet Music

  • Born
    26th October 1564
  • Died
    8th June 1612
  • Birthplace
    Nuremberg, Germany

Hans Leo Hassler (in German, Hans Leo Haßler) was a German composer and organist of the late Renaissance and early Baroque eras, elder brother of composer Jakob Hassler. He was born in Nuremberg and died in Frankfurt am Main.

Title Form Instrument
Cantate Domino Cantata Choir
Canzon XX Cantata Organ
Canzon I Canzona Organ
Canzon II Canzona Organ
Canzon IV Canzona Organ
Canzon IX Canzona Organ
Canzon 'Ridon di Maggio i prati e i vaghi colli' Canzona Organ
Canzon V Canzona Organ
Canzon VI Canzona Organ
Canzona in F major Canzona Choir
Canzona in G minor Canzona Choir
Canzona on 'Nun Fanget an' Canzona Solo voice(s)
Canzonetta in G minor Canzona Choir
Angelus ad pastores Chorale Choir
Deus, in nomine tuo Chorale Choir
Dixit Maria Chorale Choir
Domine Deus, pater omnipotens Chorale Choir
Ecce enim Deus adiuvat me Chorale Choir
Ecce Maria genuit Chorale Choir
Ego vero afflictus sum Chorale Choir