Friedrich Baumfelder

Friedrich Baumfelder Sheet Music

  • Born
    28th May 1836
  • Died
    8th September 1916
  • Birthplace

Friedrich August Wilhelm Baumfelder was a German composer of classical music, conductor, and pianist. He started in the Leipzig Conservatory, and went on to become a well-known composer of his time. His many works were mostly solo salon music, but also included symphonies, piano concertos, operas, and choral works. Though many publishers published his work, they have since fallen into obscurity.

Title Form Instrument
Melody Lullaby/Berceuse Piano
Albumblätter, Op.174 Piano piece Piano
Chant du Berger, Op.405 Piano piece Piano
Remembrance, Op.159 Piano piece Piano
Small Piano Pieces for the Young, Op.208 Piano piece Piano
Tyrolienne Piano piece Piano
Coral Polonaise, Op.278 Polonaise Piano
Styrienne élégante, Op.147 Waltz Piano