Ferdinand Zellbell Jr Sheet Music

  • Born
    3rd September 1719
  • Died
    21st April 1780
  • Birthplace

Ferdinand Zellbell, commonly known as the Younger (the younger), baptized September 3, 1719, died April 21, 1780, was a Swedish composer, Court Conductor and organist. He was the son of Ferdinand Zellbell Elder .. After years of apprenticeship with his father, became Zellbell student of Johan Helmich Roman in Stockholm and Georg Philipp Telemann in Hamburg. In 1736 he joined the Royal Opera as expectant. He became a royal concert master with hovkapellmästares title in 1750.

Title Form Instrument
Lamento à 8 parte Symphonic Pieces Solo Instrument(s) and Orchestra
5 Sinfonias à 4 Symphony Orchestra
Introduzzione à 7 Symphony Solo Instrument(s) and Orchestra