Emilie Zumsteeg

Emilie Zumsteeg Sheet Music

  • Born
    9th December 1796
  • Died
    1st August 1857
  • Birthplace
    Stuttgart, Germany

Emilie Zumsteeg was a German choir conductor, songwriter, composer, and pianist. She was born and died in Stuttgart. Her father was composer Johann Rudolf Zumsteeg. Her father died when she was six, but her mother ran a music store which maintained her interest. She showed a facility at sight-reading and cultivated a circle of talented musicians. Her compositions include an overture, piano-pieces, and three polonaises. She was perhaps best known for her songs, which became popular in her homeland and beyond. One song in particular was later used by the Russian Baptist leader Ivan Prokhanov, and became widely known as the "Prisoners' Song".

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5 Lieder Song Chamber group
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Instruments Chamber group
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