Daniel Webster Crist

Daniel Webster Crist Sheet Music

  • Born
    28th November 1857
  • Died
    24th March 1929
  • Birthplace
    New Chambersburg, Ohio

Daniel Webster Crist was an American organist and composer. Son of Robert Crist and Mary Ruff Crist, Daniel graduated from Ohio Northern University in 1882, and taught school in Columbianaand Stark County, Ohio, for 14 years. He became superintendent of the Osnaburg grade school in 1880, and for three years was superintendent at New Franklin. In 1901, he was elected to the Ohio state legislature, and became a state senator in 1905. Crist was composing as early as 1888, and at least through 1910, when he scored the Flower Girl Waltz. He worked for 30 years as a successful music publisher, starting in Moultrie, Ohio, where he also taught, farmed, and in New Alexander, served as a church music director and Sunday school superintendent. In 1915, he moved to Alliance, Ohio (where he became president of the Peoples Bank of Alliance).

Title Form Instrument
Silver Medal Piano piece Piano
Banner of Love Sacred Mass Choir