Carl Chesneau Sheet Music

  • Born
    c. 1836
  • Died
  • Birthplace

Carl Chesneau was a prolific composer of light music with pieces published in Paris and Lyon around 1860, remained popular in 1900-1910. In 1884, died in Paris at age 48

Title Form Instrument
Vasco de Gama Cantata Voice(s) and Orchestra
Bacchanale - Caprice-Galop Caprice Piano
Danse d'étoiles - Caprice-polka Caprice Piano
Zara Caprice Piano
La farandole Dance Piano
Amina, Op.94 Fantasy Piano
Marche funèbre Funeral Music Piano
En avant!, Op.98 March Piano
Les gardes françaises March Piano
Les Kosaks de l'Ukraine March Piano
Magenta March Piano
Marche royale de Chypre March Piano
Ronde des archers March Piano
La Dwina, Op.89 Mazurka Piano
La napolitaine, Op.27 Mazurka Piano
Pervenche, Op.55 Mazurka Piano
Rose des Alpes, Op.31 Mazurka Piano
Souvenez-vous, Op.54 Mazurka Piano
Sultana, Op.72 Mazurka Piano
Sur la glace, Op.82 Mazurka Piano