Antoine de Lhoyer

Antoine de Lhoyer Sheet Music

  • Born
    6th September 1768
  • Died
    15th March 1852
  • Birthplace
    Clermont-Ferrand, France

Antoine de Lhoyer was a French virtuoso guitarist and an eminent early romantic composer of mainly chamber music featuring the classical guitar. He was an approximate musical contemporary of Beethoven. L'Hoyer also had a notable military career, he was an elite member of Gardes du Corps du Roi, a Knight of the Order of St John and a Knight of the Order of St Louis. His music fell into obscurity even before his impoverished death at the age of 83 in Paris. Musicological research has revived interest in his music resulting in some modern recordings and additions to the repertoire for the classical guitar especially enriching the number and quality of guitar duets.

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Instruments Chamber group
Forms Duet · Sonata