André Wormser

André Wormser Sheet Music

  • Born
    1st November 1851
  • Died
    4th November 1926
  • Birthplace

André Alphonse Toussaint Wormser was a French banker and Romantic composer. André Wormser was born in Paris and studied with Antoine Marmontel and François Bazin at the Paris Conservatoire. He married Olga née Boris, and the couple had four children, Diane, Sabine, Dominique and Olivier, all featured in a 1926 portrait Madame André Wormser and her Children by Édouard Vuillard. As a wealthy man, Wormser was able to afford a membership in the social clubCercle artistique et litteraire. In 1872 Wormser won the Premier Prix in piano at the Paris Conservatoire, and in 1875 he won the Prix de Rome for his cantata Clytemnestre. He is best known for the pantomime L'Enfant prodigue (1890), which was revived at the Booth Theater in New York in 1916 as the three-act play Perroit the Prodigal. He died in Paris.

Title Form Instrument
Ballada for Oboe and Piano Ballade Solo Instrument and Piano
L'enfant prodigue Ballet Orchestra
L'étoile Ballet Orchestra
Clytemnestre Opera / Operetta Voice(s) and Orchestra
12 Pièces pittoresques, Op.2 Piece Piano 4 hands
Acis, Op.6 Piece Choir and Orchestra