Alphons Czibulka

Alphons Czibulka Sheet Music

  • Born
    14th May 1842
  • Died
    27th October 1894
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Alphons Czibulka, Alfons Czibulka, or Czibulka Alfons was an Austro-Hungarian military bandmaster, composer, pianist, and conductor. In the English-speaking world he is today best-remembered for his association with the famous piece Hearts and Flowers which was first a song created from the introduction 2/4 section of his work Wintermärchen Waltzes Op.366 (1891). The soon-forgotten song was re-issued as a stand-alone instrumental under the same title as the song. Hearts and Flowers is the sentimental piece that has been frequently used to indicate mock tragedy in film and cartoon soundtracks. Czibulka wrote over 300 works, especially Viennese-style dance music and marches. Of his stage works his greatest successes were the operettas Pfingsten in Florenz (1884) and Der Glücksritter (1887). Other oeprettas include : Der Jadjunker, Gil Blas, Der Bajazzo. A substantial amount of his music is preserved in the music collection of the Vienna City Library.