Adam Darr

Adam Darr Sheet Music

  • Born
    29th September 1811
  • Died
    2nd October 1866
  • Birthplace
    Schweinfurt, Germany

Adam Darr was a German classical guitarist, singer, zitherer and composer. Adam Darr began his musical activities some time between the ages of 12 and 18. Sometime after the age of 23, he left his hometown of Schweinfurt, performing abroad. Although secondary sources state that he performed for royal courts, no primary sources have been discovered to verify this claim. The first know performance of Darr is in April 1837, as a guitarist/vocalist in an ensemble known as the Bavaria Nature-Singers. It is known that he traveled with this ensemble in Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Estonia. It is believed that he spent three years in St. Petersburg, Russia from 1836 to 1839, after which he returned to Germany. It is believed that he performed in Paris and it has been verified that he did perform in Berlin. He first moved to Würzburg, which is just a few miles from his hometown of Schweinfurt, and it was in Würzburg that he met Fredrich Brand. Together they formed a guitar duo and for a year, or perhaps two, they traveled through Southern Germany performing in Munich, Weimar, and perhaps other towns. Sometime after the duo parted ways, Darr moved to Munich, where he taught and performed. It was that this time that he made the acquaintance of the Grand Duke of Bavaria's Court Zitherist Johann Petzmayer, who became his zither teacher. Sometime in the 1851, Darr became the governor and music teacher to the a wealthy English family. After five years of service to the Whitbread family, Darr ended his employment and in 1856 he moved to Augsburg. In the last 10 years of his life, Darr composed music for the guitar, zither, and voice. During this time he published many works for the zither including his famous Zither Method. In the last year of his life, Darr became depressed due to a marital engagement that was terminated and on 2 October 1866 he committed suicide by drowning himself in the river Lech at Augsburg. Darr was a prolific composer with over 300 known compositions to his name. Most of the known works by Darr are for the zither, he wrote more than 60 works for the guitar and he also wrote a respectable comedic operetta for men's voices "Robinsonade."

Title Form Instrument
Duo Concertante No.14 Duet Chamber group
Duo No.1 Duet Chamber group
Duo No.2 Duet Chamber group
Duo No.3 Duet Chamber group
Duo No.4 Duet Chamber group
Duo No.5 Duet Chamber group
Duo No.6 Duet Chamber group
Duo No.7 Duet Chamber group
Duo No.8 Duet Chamber group
Duo No.9 Duet Chamber group
Duo No.10 Duet Chamber group
Duo No.11 Duet Chamber group
Duo No.12 Duet Chamber group
Duo No.13 'Desert' Duet Chamber group
Ländler and Coda Duet Chamber group
Etude in D major Etude Guitar
Fantasie über das Lied 'Ach! ich bin des Lebens müde!' Fantasy Chamber group
Fantasie über das Lied 'Der Abschied von den Bergen' Fantasy Guitar
Galopp Galop Guitar
Irenengalopp Galop Chamber group