Transcriptions of Bach's Works

This sheet contains the following parts:

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1 Ouverture de la 29e Cantate
2 Adagio de la 3e Cantate
3 Andantino de la 8e Cantate
4 Bourée de la 2 Sonate de Violon
5 Andante de la 3e Sonate de Violon
6 Presto de la 35e Cantate
7 Introduction et Air de al 15e Cantate
8 Fugue de la 5e Sonate de Violon
9A. Largo from Sonata, BWV 1005
9B. Récitativ et Air from Cantata No. 30
10 Gavotte de la 6e Sonate de Violon
11 Air de la 36e Cantate
12 Choeur de la 30e Cantate
1. Cantata BWV 29 - Overture (misprint in title)
2. Adagio after Cantata BWV 3
3. Andantino after Cantata BWV 8
4. Bourree from Violin Sonata No.2
5. Andante from Violin Sonata No.3
6. Presto from Cantata No.35
7. Introduction and Air from Cantata No.15
8. Fugue from Violin Sonata No.5
9a. Largo from Violin Sonata No.5
9b. Recitative and Air from Cantata No.30
10. Gavotte from Violin Sonata No.6
11. Air from Cantata No.36
12. Choral from Cantata No.30

Camille Saint-Saëns

Charles-Camille Saint-Saens was a French Late-Romantic composer, organist, conductor, and pianist. He is known especially for The Carnival of the Animals, Danse ...