Persée, LWV 60

This sheet contains the following parts:

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Act I, Scene 1
Act I, Scene 2
Act I, Scene 3
Act I, Scene 4
Act I, Scene 5
Act I, Scene 6
Act II Scene 1
Act II, Scene 2
Act II, Scene 3
Act II, Scene 4
Act II, Scene 5
Act II, Scene 6
Act II, Scene 7
Act II, Scene 8
Act II, Scene 9
Act II, Scene 10
Act III, Scene 1
Act III, Scene 2
Act III, Scene 3
Act III, Scenes 4-5
Act IV, Scene 1
Act IV, Scene 2
Act IV, Scene 3
Act IV, Scene 4
Act IV, Scene 5
Act IV, Scene 6, First Part
Act IV, Scene 6, Second Part
Act IV, Scene 6, Third Part
Act V, Scene 1
Act V, Scene 2
Act V, Scene 3
Act V, Scene 4
Act V, Scenes 5-7
Act V, Scene 8, First Part
Act V, Scene 8, Second Part

Jean Baptiste Lully

Jean-Baptiste Lully (born Giovanni Battista Lulli) was a Florentine-born French composer who spent most of his life working in the court of ...