The Italian Girl in Algiers

L'italiana in Algeri (The Italian Girl in Algiers) is an operatic dramma giocoso in two acts by Rossini to an Italian libretto by Angelo Anelli, based on his earlier text set by Luigi Mosca. It premiered at the Teatro San Benedetto in Venice on 22 May 1813. The music is characteristic of Rossini's style, remarkable for its fusion of sustained, manic energy with elegant, pristine melodies. Rossini it when he was 21, and it took him 18 or 27 days, depending on which source one believes. He entrusted the composition ... more

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Act I
Act II
Orchestral score

Gioachino Antonio Rossini

Gioacchino Rossini was an Italian composer who wrote 39 operas as well as sacred music, chamber music, songs, and some instrumental and ...