Cello Sonata no. 1, Op. 38

Johannes Brahms finished his Sonata no. 1 for Violoncello and Piano, Op. 38, in 1865. The first two movements had been composed in the summer of 1862. The piece is in they key of E minor, and in three movements. An average perfomance lasts 25 minutes.

This sheet contains the following parts:

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Cello Sonata No.1, Op.38 - Complete Score
Cello Sonata No.1, Op.38 - Piano Score and Cello Part
Cello Sonata no. 1, Op. 38 - Complete Score
Composer Form Instrument Period
Johannes Brahms Sonata Cello Romantic

Johannes Brahms

Johannes Brahms was a German composer and pianist, and one of the leading musicians of the Romantic period. Born in Hamburg, Brahms ...