Dom Sébastien

Only parts available

This sheet contains the following parts:

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Flute 1/2
Oboe 1/2
Clarinet 1/2 (C, B♭, A)
Bass Clarinet 1/2 (B♭)
Bassoon 1/2
Horn 1/2 (various keys)
Horn 3/4 (various keys)
Trumpet 1/2 (various keys)
Trumpet 3/4 (various keys)
Offstage Trumpets (C)
Trombone 1

Gaetano Donizetti

Gaetano Donizetti was an Italian composer from Bergamo, Lombardy. His best-known works are the operas L'elisir d'amore (1832), Lucia di Lammermoor (1835), ...