The Crown of India, Op. 66

The Crown of India was a masque, an elaborate theatrical presentation, staged in 1912 to celebrate the visit the preceding December of King George V and Queen Mary to Delhi for their coronation as Emperor and Empress of India. For this, Sir Edward Elgar wrote the music as his Op. 66, with a libretto by Henry Hamilton. The masque consisted of two tableaux: 'The Cities of Ind' and 'Ave Imperator!'. First performed in 1912, it consists of twelve pieces for contralto, bass, chorus and orchestra. The Crown of India March from the ... more

This sheet contains the following parts:

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1. Introduction and Dance of the Nautch Girls
2. Menuetto
3. Warriors' Dance
4. Intermezzo
5. March of the Mogul Emperors
5. March of the Mogul Emperors - Incomplete

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