18 Pieces, Op.72

The 18 Pieces (18 Morceaux), Op. 72 were Tchaikovsky's last works for piano, completed in 1893, mainly as a way of creating income while writing his sixth symphony. However, early sketches of some pieces have been found. The pieces were published by Pyotr Jurgenson in 1893 and later included in Vol. 53 of Tchaikovsky's Complete Collected Works by Anatoly Drozdov. Tender Reproches, the third piece of the set, was dedicated to Avgust Gerke.

This sheet contains the following parts:

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18 Pieces, Op.72 - Cello Part
18 Pieces, Op.72 - Complete Score 1
18 Pieces, Op.72 - Complete Score 2
18 Pieces, Op.72 - Complete Score 3
Complete Score
Complete Score
Color covers
Complete Score
Complete Score
3. Tendres reproches (Allegro non tando ed agitato)
3. Tendres reproches

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