Symphony No. 8, Op. 88

The Symphony no. 8 in G, Op. 88, B. 163 by Dvořák was composed in 1889 and premiered the following year under the batoon of the composer himself. Dedicated to the Behemian Academy of Science, Literature and Arts, the work was conceived as a lyrical, more intimate piece than the previous stormy romantic Symphony no. 7, drawing inspiration from Bohemian folk sources. The piccolo and corn anglais are barely used thoughout the piece, being given one solitary -though important- melody each. A typical performance lasts about 36 minutes, making it one of ... more

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Antonín Dvořák

Antonín Leopold Dvořák was a Czech composer. Following Bedřich Smetana, he frequently employed features of Moravian and Bohemian folk music. Dvořák's own ...