Pictures at an Exhibition

Pictures at an Exhibition is a piano suite composed by Mussorgsky in 1874. It remains his most popular work, famed as a showpiece for virtuoso pianists. Dedicated the work to artist and architect friend Viktor Harmann and inspired in the exhibition of Hartmann's work held after his death. Today most of the pictures from the Hartmann exhibit are lost, making it impossible to be sure in many cases which Hartmann works Mussorgsky had in mind. Though composed in 20 days, the work was printed only in 1874. This first Rimsky-Korsakov edition ... more

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Composer Form Instrument Period
Modest Mussorgsky Suite Piano Romantic

Modest Mussorgsky

Modest Mussorgsky was a Russian composer, one of the group known as 'The Five'. He was an innovator of Russian music in ...