Piano Concerto for the Left Hand

Maurice Ravel wrote his Piano Concerto for the Left Hand in D major, in 1929, at the same time he worked on his Piano Concerto in G major. The Concerto for the Left Hand was commissioned by Austrian pianist Paul Wittgenstein, who had lost his right arm during World War I. It was premired in 1932 by Wittgenstein himself, toghether with Robert Heger and the Vienna Symphony Orchestra. Before writing this piece, Ravel studied carefully the Studies for the Left Hand by Camille Saint-Saens. The result of his studies was this single ... more

This sheet contains the following parts:

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Piano Concerto for the Left Hand - Complete score

Maurice Ravel

Joseph-Maurice Ravel was a French composer known especially for his melodies, orchestral and instrumental textures and effects. Much of his piano music, ...