String Quartet, Op. 17

String Quartet, Op. 17 is a piece composed by Stephan Hrehl. It was first published in 1899, and possibly first performed on May 13th that same year. The piece was dedicated to Meininger Streichquartett: Bram Eldering, Funk, Abbass, Piening. It has four movements which and lasts around 30 minutes in a typical performance.

This sheet contains the following parts:

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String Quartet, Op. 17 - Complete Score (Berlin: N. Simrock, 1899)
String Quartet, Op. 17 - Complete Parts (Berlin: N. Simrock, 1899)

Stephan Krehl

Stephan Krehl was a German composer, teacher, and theoretician. His writings include Traité général de la musique and Théorie de la musique ...