18 Russian Folk Songs, Op.15

This sheet contains the following parts:

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13. Die Spinnerin - пряха (The Spinner)
14. Lied der Brautjungfern - „ай сборы, сборы“(Song of the Bridesmaids)
15. Tanzlied - „натальюшки, марьюшки“ (Dancing Song)
16. Der Engel – aнгель (The Angel)
17. Die einsame Träne - oдинокая cлёзкa (The Lonesome Tear)
18. Das Böcklein - кoзликъ (The Little Goat)

Nicolai von Wilm

Peter Nicolai von Wilm was a German composer, pianist and conductor. He has written more than 250 works, including the only known ...