Musicke of Sundrie Kindes

Instrumentation: 4 voices and instruments Iinstrumental pieces: 2 lyra viol duet

This sheet contains the following parts:

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1. Snatch and Away
2. Forget Me Not
3. Pill to Purge Melancholie
4. And if You do Tiuch Me
5. Almain
6. Mounsier Lullere His Choise
7. The Wild Goose Chase
8. Whipit and Tripit
Complete score (Tr Tr B)
Treble viol 1
Treble viol 2
Bass viol
Complete score (Tr Tr T B)
Treble viol 1
Treble viol 2
Tenor viol, alto clef
Tenor viol, octave treble clef
Bass viol

Thomas Ford

Thomas Ford was an English composer, lutenist, viol player and poet. He was attached to the court of Henry Frederick, Prince of ...