Ayeres or Phantasticke Spirites

Instrumentation: 3 voices (cantus, tenor, bassus)

This sheet contains the following parts:

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Complete Score
Complete score
1. Come Let's Begin
2. Jockey Thine Hornpipes
4. Tomorrow is the Marriage Day
5. Upon a Hill
6. Come Sirrah Jack hoe
7. Tan ta ra ran
8. The Gods Have Heard
10. The Ape, the Monkey and the Baboon
11. No, Though I Shrinke
12. Aye Me
13. Late in My Rash
17. I bei ligustri
18. Strike it up, Tabor
19. Ha ha, This World Doth Pass
17. Those Sweet Delightful Lilies (orig. text I bei ligustri e rose)
14. Four Arms, Two Necks, One Wreathing

Thomas Weelkes

Thomas Weelkes was an English composer and organist. He became organist of Winchester College in 1598, moving to Chichester Cathedral. His works ...