Fuerunt mihi lacrymae

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Full score
Performing Score for Voices or Instruments
Complete score (SATTB/AATTB)
Treble (line 1)
Tenor 1
Tenor 2
Complete Score (ATTBgB)
Tenor 1
Tenor 2
Great bass (F-clef)
Great bass (G-clef)
Complete score (T T B B)
Tenor viol 1, alto clef
Tenor viol 1, octave treble clef
Tenor viol 2, alto clef
Tenor viol 2, octave treble clef
Bass viol 1
Bass viol 2
Complete Score (Tablature & Staff)
Complete score (tablature)
Complete score

Alfonso Ferrabosco Sr.

Alfonso Ferrabosco was an Italian composer, famous for being the main responsible for the growth of the madrigal genre in England. While ...