Golden Childhood, Op.124

A collection of juvenile (childrens') songs with accompaniment of the pianoforte 13:Twinkle twinkle little star The Nurse's Song Heigho', Heigho' I must not tease my mother The honorable Mrs. Bond Welcome little Robin There was a little man Barcarolle Children go to and fro There was an old woman The Building of the Nest The Meadows Prelude and Chorale

This sheet contains the following parts:

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1. Twinkle, twinkle, little star. (Andante religioso)
2. The Nurse's Song (Moderato)
3. Heigho! Heigho! Heigho! (Presto scherzando)
4. "I must not teaze my mother." (Moderato)
5. The Honorable Mrs Bond. Adapted to an old English ditty (Animato)
11. The building of the nest. (Allegro moderato)
12. The Meadows (Tempo di Minuetto)
13. Prelude and chorale. (Lento - poco più mosso)

Ferdinand Quentin Dulcken

Ferdinand Quentin Dulcken was an English musician. A son of Luise David Dulcken the singer, and nephew of Ferdinand David. He attained ...